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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 22, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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afford to take the kids to the hospital. good for you, man. wonderful story. that is fantastic. >> greg: banned phrase of the day. run it up the flag pole. that says i don't want any responsibility and the answer will be no. democrat is what it means. good one for the decoder. >> greg: somebody said yes, i could do what i wanted to do. >> kimberly: did you want to do it? >> greg: oh, yeah. >> eric: >> you could do a thing on corporate banned words. we are talking about smoking and how people are addicted. there is a woman in texas who is so addicted, no electronic cigarettes for her, she called 9/11 for more cigarettes and she was arrested. if you are jonessing, don't call the cops. >> kimberly: you should be fined for that.
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then you are tying up the phone lines for people who have a real emergency. >> dana: this is the first time this has happened to me. i don't have a one more thing. i thought about it. nothing spoke to me. >> bob: tell us a jasper story. >> dana: this is a seinfeld one more thing. it's about nothing. it could try a short joke to use against greg but they weren't that great. >> greg: try one. >> dana: do you get your feet in your driver's license photo? i had a dream about kimberly she got her hair done and came back and flipping it around like a clairol commercial and telling me how beautiful it looked. i was jealous. >> andrea: i had a dream about dana that took me to a
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and if thoughtful commentary was drool i would wake up every morning with him on my
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pillow. >> i am getting into it. >> he is a writer for talking and street congratulations on the new baby. >> thank you. >> and in malaysia he is considered a bicycle. it is bill schulz. and if an astute analysis was a roller coaster, families would ride him until they got sick. the former ambassador to the u.n and fox news contributor. he is the president of "red eye." congratulations. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> what are you doing over there? >> do they need a chair to get up in the air? are they willing to lie when it is time to fly? you see them all time at the airport, planes. but also people in wheelchairs escorted to the front of security lines. it turns out a good portion is faking their need for speed. according to the "wall street journal," a paper owned by our parent company, awful, evil people, united. airports report an increase of able bodied people using the
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chairs to save themselves time. with l.a.x. officials estimating 15% of wheelchair requests are fake. meanwhile, one slate columnist wants airline passengers to decline to recline. dan coy thanks putting your seat all the way back is rude, but blames the airlines writing people we klein their seats because their seats recline. why on earth these seats recline? wouldn't it be better if seats didn't? shut up. for mow we go live to -- for more we go live to our travel correspondent in moscow. >> incredible man, by the way. and a pediatric surgeon. anyway, gavin, we send out these talking points and i what is shocked at your perspective. you are actually against
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people who recline. people who pay the price for their seats own that seat. it is their right to do what they want. if they paid for. it you recline. and you who i thought was a libertarian say people don't have the right to recline. >> my beliefs do not include destroying other people's lives. and when they are sitting and doing work on a five-hour flight and you impale them by forcing the computer into the rib cage you are not just inconveniencing people, you are murdering them. and i have to be honest, i consider you a friend. the fact that you are one of these recliners is ped -- pedophile-level shock. when these people do it, i am behind them going who are these people? they mostly women. they seem to be mostly baby boomers, but the fact you go -- you know, my dad will
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get on a plane and put his legs upright as he sits down and goes, i'm bloody tired. i'm going to fall asleep. he will lie pretending to be asleep for one hour forcing his knees. i tried that, but it is so much work. even then they are pushing the but -- button and going --. >> maybe there is a midget behind you or a child or nobody. but if somebody is there or somebody reclining -- but if somebody is there trying to catch up on business and you go -- you deserve to be murdered. >> it is so wrong. you are now requiring people who buy tickets to find out who is going to sit behind them. >> which you can't do. >> you cannot do. >> it is called looking. it is called this. >> screw that. >> but then you would have to be able -- what if you wanted to find out is there
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somebody short behind me so i can reclean? >> so can you. there is a recliner on every chair. unless you are in the last row. >> i am not going to punch somebody because you punched me. i will take it like a man and hate you. >> you could be a u.s. air marshall. >> i would love to be. i would take out my gun because somebody said something about a bomb. >> ambassador, you are an ambassador and you deal with conflicts all over the world. isn't this what gavin is saying is completely immoral? it is like buying a meal at a restaurant, but declining the use of the waiter because you don't want to infringe on other people's use of the waiter. am i not wrong? >> i sit in the front of the plane. i have no idea what is going on in the back. >> he just said he uses first class and we are losers. >> flying on the plane is exactly the same as
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fartherring in an elevator. >> you are assuming fartherring in an elevator is -- farting in an elevator is bad. >> oh my lord. >> your food analogy is wrong. what if you purchase your food at a grocery store like stew. it is my right to purchase this food. it is my right to eat it at office. first i have to microwave it. it is your right to do those things, but you ruined everybody's work day because the microwave your person and the desk -- >> if i paid for the microwave i have rights. >> it was $800 for that flight. i don't like flying. i have to sleep because i haven't had sleep for days. i will use the recliner because the person behind me is. you know what is worst than the person who declines is the person who does the fake cough. you light up a seg rete and somebody goes -- you want to punch them. >> you just went to bed in their face. you put a cot on their nose. of course they will say something, greg. >> it is fake.
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>> with bill's analogy it is uncomfortable because it is two minutes of stinky food. the flight to l.a. is six hours. six hours i have your bed up my face. >> then sit back and you don't have it. >> i don't want to punish them because you punish me. that's not what america is about. >> america is about choice. >> no, america is not about punishing people. >> can we talk about the war with china or something like that? >> gavin, when you buy the tech cet, you know i am spending this amount of money, but i may be able to nap on the flight. you know the opportunity to recline is offered to you. >> i hope an infant is behind me. if a grown man is behind me i have to go, oh darn, i guess i will catch up on my work and contribute to the economy. >> this is how you type? >> no, i am knitting. >> no wonder you are missing the deadline. you are missing keys.
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>> i was going to talk about wheelchairs, but the ambassador is right. why bother? >> i don't understand this. i don't understand this at all. >> and i don't understand it because you are so anti- infringing on other people's rights. the right to recline exists on a plane. you can either recline or not recline. >> which amendment in the constitution do we get this right to decline? >> one may not infringe on a person's personal traveling space. >> where does it say that? >> where? >> this is because you weren't born in america. >>- q. i it starts because these people in wheelchairs get through the security line and it building up the rage in people when they get on. especially if it is a person in front of you who got on in a wheelchair and then reclines. >> you know what, that's a good point. the fake injury -- the fake sick person in the wheelchair and the person who does president like reclining is the -- who doesn't like reclining is the same part of obama's america and that's why he should be impeached. >> excellent job. i love how you tied that
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together. >> from airplanes to obama in flames. is kim gung -- chem jung-un having fun following the third nuclear test titled "thanks to the americans? the clip shows president obama and american troops burning up byway of their bomb. take a look fans looking. >> translation, it can be said it was thanks to the americans that we conducted a nuclear test. they made some good points, but i am more of a fan of the state's latest youtube title called america is the kitten and we are the finger.
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>> to me that is more frightening. >> that is terrifying. from a metaphor cal po nie t of -- point of view, you claim to be a -- an ambassador. how would you react to the testing and these crappy videos? do we ignore north korea or engage them? >> i thought that video showed a lot of creativity for north korea. it is one of many propaganda films. you need kim jung-un to come on red eye. it really reflects what they think. if they could do it, they would. >> what is his name? >> kim jg-un. >> sbt this a plea -- isn't this a plea to be on tv and part of the entertainment and
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pop culture world? >> it seems like his dad was a fan of movies and he is a fan of video games. they are both huge american pop culture fans, and their war against american pop culture is using a lot of american pop culture. >> there is one thing to worry about and you probably need security now is the north koreans kidnap people they like and bring them to north korea and so you better watch out here. >> i bet kim jung-un does thought recline. >> don't get him angry. >> of course he doesn't recline. he thinks he is better than everyone else and he can do that in their face and say deal with it. i don't care if you star of to death. >> the world is luke "the five," tv show, dana perino is america and they are pulling the pig tales for the sake of attention. because we refused it, it is sad. it is not a violent thing. it is more like, come on, look at us. we are here. >> except you like dana
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perino. >> let me say, this video made me almost as mad as reclining made gavin. as much as i disagree with president obama i don't want to see my president set on fire on the video. this made me mad. don't blame the united states. for everything. don't try to justify your agenda by blaming us for being who we are. sickening. >> i don't even like obama and i get mad when i see him. >> he is still our president. it makes you angry. that's a unifying moment. >> bill, you were president of north korea in the early 80s. when will the population stop eating grass and rise up against this guy? >> they call me the child prince. >> and you road in on one of those dwarf ponies.
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>> they loved my flowing locks. >> he is so tall and so elaborate. >> i ordered that. >> as the child prince of north korea you can get what you want. >> you were born on a magic mountain. >> that was the nickname from my mother and it is still hurtful. she had an eating problem. we were the only ones allowed to eat. child prince wants what the child prince wants. that was on the t-shirt. there is something interesting about this. there was the first video that came out and they lifted a bunch from call of duty, the video game. and in this one they are in the video game. this one they get a sound track from a new video game that came out. the first one is on-line in their state-run website because the exlawyer told him to take it down because it was a copy write infringement. when the most powerful country on planet earth says stop nuking you or we will bomb you
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into the stone age like that -- but if x box lawyers get into it, take it down, no, no, not happening. >> we are dealing with some people -- >> that shows how much he cares about video games. >> he keeps getting free ones. >> i am not into the video game thing, but in the first propaganda film they use the music from "we are the world" which was the most creative adjective. >> michael jackson's estate contacted them and said well done. >> if you watch -- not the call of duty one, but it talks about how evil the propaganda machine is from beauty care products to george bush. you are watching it going, this is what my friends in new york say every day. >> it could have been done downtown. >> send kim jung-u.n "zero
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dark 30". so a lawsuit be filed over a love child? a 33-year-old missouri woman is suing a drug company after receiving a letter from the firm telling her her birth control pills with not in the correct order three months after she became pregnant. she gave birth in early 2012 and filed a lawsuit against the company earlier this month, and what is she suing for? the cost it takes to raise a child which i believe is in the hundreds of dollars. >> let's go to the center of the story for comment. >> i believe that was a frog. that wasn't actually the child. would you do the same thing if you were in her shoes? we haven't looked it up yet. i'm assuming she has shoes. if you were wearing her shoes, would you sue? >> i think she has a case.
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i don't think she can get all of the money it takes to raise a child. but there is a case here. she was being responsible. she is taking a drug. she doesn't want to get pregnant. it is said she had financially financially -- financial difficulties. she is being a responsible person and the drug company mixed up the drug and made it completely inefficients. i think they are responsible for that. >> what genius at the drug company sent this letter out that hundreds of plaintiffs' lawyers all over the country were reading going here we go. >> absolutely. >> that's why i like, president of "red eye" don't send out the letter. you are the evil corporate guy in every movie. and he is proud of it. >> thank you. >> i think he is a tampa-based male stripper. >> the saturday "red eye" we are devoting an hour to "magic mike" and why it wasn't nominated for an oscar. how will the daughter react
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when she finds out that her mom was so mad that she was born she sued a company. >> with who life and pro choicers we want to grab this story like the connecticut shooting and make it about our personal agenda. it is a business case. they presented a product and misrepresented it, and they should be sued. it is interesting that she had to make it clear that she doesn't -- even though she didn't want a kid and she did everything she could to prevent it, she is happy to have this kid, and she calls the child adorable. i feel like, i don't know, 75% of the people i grew up with don't have kids. you don't have any kids. do you have kids? >> i do. >> you haven't asked if he likes them. >> and all of them could be tricked into having kid and they say, oh, these are kind of cool. >> if i were her lawyer i would have advised her to say the same thing. >> that's actually why i am pro life. >> i don't think you don't deserve a choice.
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i want to trick you into having a kid and you go, you are right, i didn't deserve a choice. >> does it include the chance at a college education? >> my mom said the rhythm method failed. your parents sued when you were born. >> they used the rhythm method too, but it was my mom playing the bongo drums and dad was doing his thing. quickly. jay we -- >> we do have frivolous cases. good for her forgetting as much money as she can. i would advise her to do the million dollar thing. get as much cash as you can and right when you have it, put the runt up for adoption. live the high life.
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>> he is after my job. >> he is as evil as you are. coming up, can a mustache intimidate foreign countries? his new book "i let this lip jacket do my talking" first when is a stripper party unacceptable? when is it not unacceptable? that's a double negative that costs extra.
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ answer for her son's private dancer. i speak of an upstate new york mom, is there any other kind? >> yes. >> i'm tired of saying that. she is in trouble of hiring strippers to perform at her son's 16th birthday party. seen here, looking hot, arranged for two ladies to entertain a group of boys some as young as 13 in a private
12:25 am
room at a bowling alley. what kind of bowling alley? last november the cops learned about the sexy celebration a moe pictures on her son's facebook page. they she faces a year in prison if convicted. for some perspective here is a home video from my 16th birthday party. >> ♪ days and weeks ♪ we are regular businessman ♪ ♪ it is you and me and teddy bear ♪ >> i couldn't get any friends. >> how are they endangered. she hired strippers and not prostitute strippers of course. >> well -- >> i think -- this is when i feel i have the least in common. they are puritans. and they don't get that 16-year-olds are so horny that
12:26 am
they pray to god every night to stop masterbating. i remember doing that. remember in "animal house" and he goes thank you, god. that's the world they are in. it is not like she brought strippers to a toddler's party and they said oh my lord, what do we have here? what are these boob bees. >> they sound like the old lady from "downton abbey." >> toddlers are so uptight they become british. but 16-year-olds are from newark, new jersey. they smoke cigars and they say finally some boobs in here. i have been praying to god for these for years. i finally got a pair jiggling around. that's what i have been screaming about in my dream. >> ambassador, you were there, weren't you? >> i remember back in the day after college when there were bachelor parties for my friends getting married and their fathers would buy them porn movies for the bachelor parties. >> stag films. >> that was amazing at the time. but i can see i have been left behind.
12:27 am
i never saw anything like this before. >> this is as an adult male there is nothing more uncomfortable than watching a porn film with other men. that's not it was there for. i don't even like strip clubs, jedediah, and i am lying to you. she is 33 and her son is 16 which makes her 5 when she gave birth, right? >> you got that. >> she looks like she was 5. >> is that what it is. a young mom. a young mom would make these mistakes ? >> maybe. it is something disgusting about a party -- a parent doing this. was she at the party? did she see any of this? it is disgusting. i hear your point about young boys. yes they have perverted minds and they imagine all of the stuff, but a mom arranging it? >> it is like a mom having scrooge mcduck and say gipping gel, jingling. guy but you can't do -- but
12:28 am
you can't do it because parents say i i don't want my kid having a lap dance. >> there were 13-year-olds there. >> what 13-year-olds hang out with 16-year-olds ? >> they are there to provide cover. we are having a big clown come in and do fake sumo wrestling. i hate parents who try to be cool. wasn't that what she was trying to do? >> i definitely had moms like this in high school, but you had the inned could that were like, i am going to be open about my son aces sexuality. i am going to embrace it. maybe i am more open about him reading the "hustlers" i buy him and he won't be drinking so much or drugging so much. what you end up with is a guy that is just like the rest of us who is drinking too much and drugging too much, but he is also a total pervert. you have that as well. we are already dealing with that chemical crap, but he is touching people in the hallways and leaving weird
12:29 am
notes. you just effed him up even more. >> you can talk about greg when he is not here. >> greg, i apologize and stop calling me late at night. >> we have to take a break. do you have a comment? got a video of your animals doing some go to red eye at fox still to come, the half time report with andy levy. never had a birthday party, andy, right? >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by pigs. the animals with short legs, brisly hair and a broad snout. thanks, pigs.
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don't do that. we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong. let's go to andy levy. first i have some news about our show. >> what would that be? >> we are replacing bill with a swiver. >> good news. no, tomorrow night we are going to air a repeat, but on saturday at 11:00 we are having a brand-new show. 11:00 east coast time. east coast time with a lot of good guests. we have an oscar preview. i think we are having a buffet. i am getting an on air colonoscopy which will be given to me by a clown. >> will they have the camera go in your colon?
12:34 am
>> exactly, my colon. i want to tell the viewers to tune in on saturday at 11:00 for a new show. we get a lot of viewers, it becomes permanent. >> you keep telling people you are getting a colonoscopy from a clown and we will get a lot of viewers. we are our own worst enemy. >> we can't even promote our show. we are pathetic. >> that's 8:00 p.m. pacific by the way. >> yes. >> prime time, baby. >> we are specific. >> it is like bali. >> trenidad. >> pearl harbor. >> should you recline your airplane seat? gavin, i thought that you would care more about this, but i am with you. good for you for saying people shouldn't recline their seats
12:35 am
and for not being a sociopath thick freak like greg. >> wait a minute. you are saying good for me for saying people should be be allowed to recline their seats? >> shouldn't be. >> it was strange when jedediah said as a libertarian you don't want to infringe on other people's rights yet you are against reclining. >> yes. >> what? >> if you pay for the seat, the seat involves reclining. that's like saying don't use the tv, but you pay for the tv. >> but you put the tv on and you put headphones on. >> what if you are watching "flight" which involves a plane crash and the person next to you is afraid of flying. >> it is not that you are not allowed to do it. it is you are a sociopath thick freak boy. >> are you having an after the show, show to get into this. >> and then we will have the
12:36 am
cast of scooby doo. >> greg is sitting in this giant chair that is out of a richard pryor movie. he should be able to curl up in a ball like a baby rabbit. >> it doesn't matter to him if the person in front of him reclines his midget legs don't care. >> he probably sees the cherry kleining way up -- the chair reclining way up there and says oh someone's tired. >> they don't even touch the ground in an airport seat. >> i have a sensitive coccyx which is the area of the tail bone and i can't sit up like that. >> buy a pillow and then go cry about it. >> i do bring a pillow, andy, and i pay for the pillow just like i pay for my chair. joy jedediah, i -- >> jedediah, i expected this from somebody like greg, but thought from you. >> i can't fall asleep if my
12:37 am
head is upright. >> then don't fall asleep. >> i am not going to pay that much money to go where i am going and have my rights restricted. if i want to lean back i will lean back. >> the option is afforded to me when i buy the ticket. >> but you know what right is also afforded to you when you buy a ticket? the right to use your tray table, and that's what you are infringing upon. >> you can still use it? >> no you cannot. when you lean back you take the computer and crush them into our chest. >> are you so dramatic. >> by the way, this is a guy who when he drinks walks around downtown naked. you walk around naked and you never think about anybody. >> all of your analogies they all involve two minutes of inconvenience. >> happening on. i -- hang on, i want to make it clear greg was talking to gavin and not me.
12:38 am
>> i have seen gavin naked more times than statues a the a museum. and that is an inconvenience. >> the bottom line is there are people who have empathy for other people, aka, human beings, and then there are sociopath thick little freak boys who don't care about other people and all they care about is i want to do what ever i want to do and it doesn't matter how it affects other people. you know who that is? >> who? >> you. >> where is john on this? >> having listened to andy, i am for the reclining. >> it is now 1, 2, 3, bill where are you on this? >> i will tell you something. between kids, the tsa, lines, kids, i just can think of a lot more things that bother me than seats that go back and go forward. >> dowry klein? >> i have before, i guess, halfway. sometimes i don't. >> halfway. >> look, i am a little thing doctors like to call slight.
12:39 am
>> i will say that if i am flying on passover i do recline. >> it is a jewish joke. north korea video shows president obama burning. >> oh, a jewish joke. >> people won't get that. >> even if you say passover. >> don't make fun of the flyover states. >> they just have no experience. >> the passover states, the states without jews ? >> north korea video shows president obama burning. ambassador you thought the video showed creativity for north korea. the key phrase is for north korea. >> as opposed the pictures of grass and stones and the rest of the diet. i thought it was inventive. >> you said of greg he better watch out because north korea has a habit of kidnapping people to make movies movies and tv shows. how do we facilitate that.
12:40 am
is there someone we can call? >> i think we should engage to get kim jung-un on this show. who knows what can happen if we get him here. >>- q. i can we trade -- >> can we trade for greg and would anybody notice? >> that confused me. how are you able to be the president of korea in the early 80s while in "jonie loves chachi"? >> people don't know we filmed that in seoul. >> seoul is in north korea? >> no, i am the prince. i can cross the border. you can't if you were north korean, and he is not. >> jedediah, you don't like to see our president set on fire in a video. >> i don't. >> rhino. >> you know it has come to that. >> bill you said other north korean videos, the one with the scenes of call of duty is
12:41 am
not on-line because the x box lawyers made them take it down. >> the call of duty lawyers. >> the activision lawyers. >> i know about love. some day i would like to teachers and you. >> no thanks. >> woman sues -- you know what? i don't care about this. she has a right to sue. >> i don't have much more time. >> when are you going to have kids, andy? >> never. mom charged with child endangerment. >> why not? >> it is not my thing. >> after hiring strippers for son's 16 birthday. >> it took 40,000 years to get you here. they ran from sabre tooth tigers and levies back in the day, and then we finally got andy here and he goes, i'm done. >> i am as the passover joke indicated i am jewish. we didn't run from the sabre tooth tigers. we negotiated with them.
12:42 am
>> and now this have -- now have have a charming place in florida. >> you brought up the scene in "animal house" when the woman land in the bed and the kid says thank you god. it was played by a 17-year-old who became a pastor in eugene, oregon and now teaches track. he is a passionate christian man and went from joking thank you, god to saying it every day. >> nicely done. >> i am familiar with that guy. he is a great guy. >> are you really? >> no, i looked it up before. i am obsessed with that scene. >> gavin, do you know the name of his character in the movie? >> i do not. >> it was lucky boy. that's how he is listed in the credits. he gets a $30 residual check every six months. >> rut unlucky -- you are the unlucky boy-girl. >> i thought this was funny. according to post one
12:43 am
of the five who got a lap dance was a 16 yearld girl. she told the cops judy, the mom, told me it was unexpected that the girls put their crotches in reggie's face. >> andy found that interesting. >> i did find that interesting. >> america thanks you for that. >> apparently judy does president strippers do. >> the amazing thing about the story is we are denying that 16-year-olds have law be doughs. they have nothing but labidos. >> but there is a time and a place for accommodating labidos. >> how about a birthday? >> not at a bowling alley. >> not with your mother. >> how do you get a lap dance in front of your mom. >> you can indulge what consumes you. >> if your mom is a stripper i can see you having it at your strip club for your birthday. >> okay that's better.
12:44 am
>> what if they wanted to go bowling. >> get these jugs out of my face. i'm trying to get a strike. >> are we done? thanks, andy. does hugh jackman love men? thol cigarettes? first, should we embrace the idea of tweeting after death. tweeting after death is code for meatball sub, then yes, i'm starving.
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all right. when your heart stops beating he will keep tweeting. that's the slogan for a new app, whatever that is, called lives on which allows users to keep posting twitter updates after they have passed on. the software analyzes the deceased's preexisting twitter feeds and posts what they most likely would have tweeted about or what articles they would share with others.
12:48 am
just like my new zumba routine the app is set to debut in march. hope you come. let's discuss -- >> lightning roooooouuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> gavin, here is the annoying thing about this. generally when somebody tweets something stupid you can ridicule them, mock them, but would you do that to a dead person? >> there is a misnomer that the tweet will be anything. it will just say i had dinner at arby's. i don't though if you have ever seen these science fiction movies, but the robot is perplexed by humor and love. we don't do love tweets. that's twn -- [bleep]. but human tweets is what twitter is for. if the computer can come up with a joke, that's the first sign of the apocalypse. if you are tweeting post mortum you are not doing funny
12:49 am
tweets and you deserve to die. >> a computer coming up with a joke is the sign of apocalypse or the first sign that there is a computer that can make a joke. >> i think we are close. >> say one good joke the computer can come up with? >> people have given up on their soul living on. . >> their tweets will live on. >> when your mustache dies will it live on? >> probably. >> people want their tweets to live on because they don't think their souls will. >> the bigger picture of that with the dissolvent of religion they keep clinging to these solutions. as they scoff at jesus and kris chee christianity they look to post mortum tweets and
12:50 am
cryogen nick. it is like women go i don't need a baby and then they say, my little angel to their chough -- to their chiuaua. >> people frozen to be revived later. you may as well keep tweeting while you are waiting to come back. >> they scoff and then keep reinventing it. >> that's why we created relimbing general and nare saw self. it is the same reason we make kids. i won't be here, but part of me is. we love ourselves, gets or yourselves. >> quickly last word. >> i find it creepy. i don't want to see people retweeting. you feel like it is no closure. when you are gone, are you go n. i don't need to be constantly reminded that somebody is dead in my time line and here and not really here. >> just block them. how rude is that? i am blocking a dead person.
12:51 am
>> time to take a break. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about. joy of hate. any bookstore. order at g
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california family is suing a san diego school district saying the student yoga
12:55 am
program is religious. the lawsuit says the twice weekly 30-minute classes are a violation of separation between church and state. however, the real crime is yoga. jedediah, is there anything religious about yoga? i thought it was glorified stretching. >> it kind of is. it is met day tiff. there is religious background, but that's not what they are doing. they are relaxing and stretching. if you are bent out of shape from a yoga class your kid is taking you need to take some yoga. >> she twisted it into a full circle. >> gavin, you have sick teen kids. do any do yoga in school? >> i hate yoga. i feel like it is a punishment for shoplifting. >> it is good for you. >> i am glad liberals are reaping what they sew. it is a totalitarianism where they will destroy anything spiritual. as with all facism it is incringing on their own stupid lies. it is like iran.
12:56 am
that's what happened in 79. they said we are revolutionaries. let the religious types handle that. they took over and distinguished everything. that's exactly what they did. they are turning into the new witch hunt. >> good enough for government work. i think yoga is only establishment of religion if they are saying god rest ye merry gentlemen. >> they are insatiable. >> bill, your favorite yoga move is passed out hamster. how does that go? >> still trying to get it removed. i have never seen a fat yogi. >> oh i have. i >>- q. i have too. i have too. >> you think you can lose weight from yoga? >> maybe if they are more limber they won't be, i don't want to do anything, dorritos, tv, x bach or whatever it is -- x box or whatever it is called jie. the problem i have is they hired full time yoga instructors when they should have been hiring teachers.
12:57 am
a limber spine is not going to help that. i don't know. >> huge fan. >> i am a huge fan of me. i check myself out. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. recent clips, shows, go to fox eye.
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